Hello, we are A3eJ!

As a team, we decided to embark on the creation of a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This popular web development platform is widely used by developers for building dynamic web applications. As required, we used AWS to facilitate the hosting, deployment, and management of web applications.

Our primary objective for this project was to learn how to build and configure a website from scratch using the LAMP stack and AWS. Additionally, we aimed to demonstrate our knowledge and skills acquired during Phase 1, particularly in security, and apply what we’ve learned in Phase 2 regarding AWS. Through this Wordpress website, we can showcase our individual skills while also working together as a team and learning from one another.

Our focus throughout the project was on individual skills development while working collaboratively as a team. We accomplished this by creating our own environment, allowing us to showcase what we could do independently while also receiving support and guidance from our team members.


We work together

Learning, Adapting, and Succeeding Together: The Evolution of Teams!

In a team, each member brings their unique strengths and abilities, and together they create something greater than the sum of their parts. Through cooperation and trust, they can overcome obstacles and achieve their shared goals.

We value our Team