As an actress, a chef, and member of the Screen Actors Guild, I came up with the unique idea of creating the first Belarusian-speaking (As far as I know) food channel on YouTube around seven years ago, just before my move to the United States.

I aim to delve into the roots of Belarusian cuisine with a unique idea – exploring the food of my ancestors and the recipes they prepared to better understand ourselves as a nation. Through my YouTube cooking videos, I bring Belarusian history to life.


Currently, I am a fellow in the cybersecurity cohort at The Knowledge House, holding a bachelor’s degree in law with a specialization in economics. Prior to this, I worked in sales for seven years for distribution companies, selling top brands such as SC Johnson and Nestle. My success in this role stemmed from my expertise in negotiation and strategic planning, which allowed me to build and maintain a solid professional career. I am also proficient in Microsoft Office and Python, and hold a Microsoft Azure certificate.

As our lives increasingly move online and vital information becomes accessible digitally, and cybersecurity has become a crucial area of growth. It is essential for safeguarding important aspects of our lives such as bank accounts, work, and personal information. For me, cybersecurity is a vital tool for protecting our online presence.

“My background in law, economics, and sales has given me a unique perspective on cybersecurity. As a fellow in The Knowledge House’s cybersecurity cohort, I’m using my skills to protect our digital world and make a positive impact.”