Ameha Zewde

Hey There, my name is Ameha!

I’m from New York City. I am originally from Ethiopia and moved to the US recently. I’m part of the Cyber Security Cohort of the 2022 Innovation Fellowship at The Knowledge House. I came from a non-tech background in architecture and civil engineering. We have witnessed the IT industry dramatically changing the world within the last decade, and I have always been interested in learning more about it. I am fascinated by the development of Cloud technology and how it’s changing our work and lifestyle.

We are also hearing about the growth of cyber security attacks and breaches, which shows a gap and high demand for cyber security professionals. Protecting information sets are very critical in the cloud environment. I became curious about the IT Cloud Computing and Cyber Security career path. I’m interested in securing business information sets in the cloud environment is the gap where I look to contribute and be part of the solution. This fellowship has encouraged me to continue to pursue my goal. My goal is to become a Cloud Security Architect.

“From civil engineering to cyber security, I’m making strides towards securing businesses in the cloud as a Cloud Security Architect.”