Anna Mendez

Hello there, my name is Anna!

As a medical assistant at an OBGYN practice, my passion for helping others has always been a driving force in shaping who I am today.

With a focus on providing exceptional patient care, I am dedicated to improving the health and well-being of every individual I encounter.

Outside of my day job, I am a cyber security enthusiast. Working in an environment where I am exposed to sensitive information has piqued my curiosity on how information can be kept safe. With our personal data at our fingertips and the increasing risk of cyber attacks, I am committed to incorporating my knowledge of cyber security in both my personal life and future career. Solving problems and contributing to the growth of cyber security is what drives me, and I am always seeking new opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge in this field.

“As a medical assistant, I’m on the front lines of patient care – and as a cybersecurity enthusiast, I’m on the front lines of data protection. Hackers, beware: I’m coming for you.”